HGTV is looking for Curb Appeal Nightmares!

Are you in need of a front yard makeover? Would you like the PROS at HGTV to deliver your dream yard?

HGTV is casting for a new show! We want the most run down, overgrown front yards we can find. The ugliest, most dilapidated eyesore in the neighborhood! We’ll help turn any disaster of a yard into a spectacular creation.

In order to qualify, you must live in a warm climate since filming will take place in early 2016. If you live in New Orleans or Florida, that’s a plus — but all submissions are welcome!

Let’s get started with some information.

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Please Tell Us:

Why do you hate your yard?

What are the three biggest things you want to see changed?

Describe your ideal yard / design style.

Have you done work in the yard? Are you willing to get dirty?

Please attach jpg photos if possible. Each must be under 2MB.

Picture of the yard from the street.

Picture of the yard from the front door. (Must be under 2MB).

Pictures of yourself and/or family. (Must be under 2MB).

That's It!

All that's left is to double-check your information, and hit submit! Thanks!