Casting Community Changers

Glass Entertainment Group is looking for people or organizations that are changing their community for the better.

Are you or someone you know cleaning up something in your community; perhaps a recreation center, school, or shelter?  Or, is your local organization in need of clean-up or clean out but hasn’t yet found its hero?  Or, maybe you’re helping people feel cleaner and more empowered.

We want to tell the story of this individual or organization to a national audience, highlighting the clean-up efforts in a new campaign!

Let’s get started with some information.

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Why is this important for you to do?

What area of your organization or community could currently use a clean-up?

How would a clean-up transform the space or otherwise help the area or the community?

Why do think your story would make a good video?

Please attach jpg photos of yourself and an area you think could use a clean-up. Each must be under 2MB.

All that's left is to double-check your information, and hit submit! Thanks!