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Joanne Cossrow Staff Executive Producer

Joanne Cossrow has been working as a producer
and director of film and television for
20 years. In her early career, she
lived a nomadic film crew lifestyle,
traveling across the country from
Wilmington, NC to Oahu, Hawaii.

More About Joanne

Her movie resume is a myriad of teen angst and horror. Highlights include Sweet Home Alabama, Dawson’s Creek, Jeepers Creepers & A Walk to Remember. After a layover of a few years in LA to work at Paramount Pictures, she finally landed at Glass Entertainment Group where she happily switched over to television to put her expertise to a broader format.

Joanne has served as Executive Producer for networks such as A&E, HGTV & Travel. She currently leads a team of talented producers on a hit Animal Planet show. Whether acting as painter, writer, director, or producer for any genre, her philosophy is: Tell them a great story, and people will watch.