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Feature Your Story In A New TV Show

We are looking for business owners in Southeastern Massachusetts who have experienced unexplained events disrupting their daily operations. If your employees or customers have reported unusual phenomena, mysterious sounds, sightings, or disturbances, we want to help you uncover the truth behind these occurrences. Criteria: – Must own a business in Southeastern Massachusetts – The business should involve physical labor or have a physical location – Willingness to share your story and participate in the investigation

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    Can you describe the unexplained events or paranormal activity you have experienced at your business? (required)

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    Have you sought any professional help or consulted any paranormal investigators about these events before? (required)

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    Are you and your employees willing to share your experiences and participate in a filmed investigation for this project? (required)

    How have your employees and customers reacted to the paranormal activity? (required)

    Please attach photos of yours, your business, and any photographic evidence of your incident.

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