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Think you would be great for one of our shows? Tell us about it!


Do you and a group of friends get a vacation home together in the summer? Is your group of friends fun and outgoing? We want to hear from you!


Are you a mom who loves to get involved in your children’s or their friends dating lives? We want to hear from you!


Are you a business owner in Southeastern Massachusetts? Have you experienced unexplained events disrupting your daily operations?


Are you a real estate agent in a small southern town? Do you have a dynamic team that’s making waves in the local market

Casting Couples

Have you or someone you know met a current significant other through rehab? We want to hear your story!

Casting for Parents Gone Wild!

Parents Gone Wild on Lifetime is looking for the latest batch of outrageous, hilarious and heartwarming videos to feature on the next season of our show!


Do you wish you could have a new hair look? Are you in search of the perfect wig to make you feel just as fabulous as you are?

Casting for Christina On The Coast

Are you ready to renovate? Does your home need a refresh?
The HGTV hit series is now casting in Orange County, CA for a new season.