SMART DESIGN (Three seasons)
This award winning series shows you the very latest in decorating trends. It also demonstrates how you can adapt those looks to your home. Smart Design is about having the latest “look” with a lot less effort.

At Home With is a half-hour prime time series which takes you to the homes of some of your favorite stars. Guests have included: Larry King, Dixie Carter, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Fran Dresher, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

FANTASY OPEN HOUSE (Three seasons)
This weekly, prime-time half hour show takes viewers into the most luxurious, decadent, and expensive homes “on the market” all over America. Hosted by Laurie Hibbard

Hosted by comedian Kevin Flynn, this weekly prime-time half hour program introduces viewers to the crazy obsessive world of collectors.

We visited some of the most disorganized home owners in America to help them cope with organize and ultimately reorganize the space that held their mess.

I WANT THAT! (Four seasons)
I Want That! is your guide to the unique innovations, high-tech gadgets and newest design trends that make your home more stylish, fun and efficient!

I WANT THAT! Kitchens (Two seasons)
Transform your kitchen from ho-hum to happening with hints from I Want That! Kitchens. See the hottest trends in floor plans & state-of-the-art technology that make kitchens the highlight of any home.

I WANT THAT! Baths (Two seasons)
Transform your bathroom from whoa to wow with tips from I Want That! Baths. See the latest styles in baths, smart-living designs and cutting-edge construction.

We tour public areas with award winning designers including Michael Graves and Philipe Starck. It could be a hotel, a museum, even a railroad station. Inspired by what we’ve seen, we makeover a home in that designer’s look.

Save My Bath
Stuck with an ugly, dysfunctional bathroom? You’re not alone. Watch as the Save My Bath crew works with homeowners to transform ugly-duckling bathrooms into spa-like retreats. Get ideas for your bathroom and watch your home’s value increase as you create your own bathroom oasis.

Spice Up My Kitchen
When a kitchen is so dysfunctional and ugly that every night is take-out, Spice Up My Kitchen steps in to cook up a hot new space. Designer Lauren Lake provides the homeowners with two design plans based on their budget and wish list. The homeowners choose a plan and before they know it their old kitchen is transformed into a delicious new space.