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Do you and your group of friends rent a vacation home together each summer? Do you all travel to the vacation town every weekend to have fun and party? Is your house the party house every summer? If so we want to hear from you! Please apply below. Must be 21+ to apply.

Let’s get started with some information.

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    Where is the house? Describe the town. (Required)

    Describe your friend group— What are you like? What is typical weekend like when you are all together? (required)

    What is the age range of your friend group? (required)

    Are people in the friend group single? dating? married? (required)

    How many summers have you been renting/staying together? (required)

    Do you commute back to the city on the weekdays for work? What do you all do for a living? (required)

    Do you all have a common interest or bond? (Ex. Met through working somewhere together, Went to the same college, All love to surf, etc.) (required)

    Attach a photo of yourself and attach pictures of your friends (group pics are great!)

    All that's left is to double-check your information, and hit submit! Thanks!